Just a breath away from Athens, you can reach Poros either by car, boat or public transport.

By car, you can take the National Road (Athens - Corinth) towards Epidaurus and then follow the road signs to Galatas. In Galatas, boats and ferry boats are continuously transporting passengers and cars. It takes approximately 2 hours to drive to Galatas (opposite Poros) from Athens. From Galatas you travel the last 10 minutes to Poros by boat (10 minutes).

By boat from the port of Piraeus, there is daily transportation to the island with ferry boats and flying dolphins/ flying catamarans. From the port, with the ferry boats it takes 2 hours to reach the island and with the flying dolphins/flying catamarans it takes approximately 1 hour.

If you choose to go by public transport, there are departures from the central bus station in Athens to Galatas or you can take the public train - proastiakos from Athens to Corinth and then by public bus or taxi to Galatas. From there you travel the last 10 minutes to Poros by boat.

Getting to know Poros island...

Poros is a beautiful and green island in the Saronic Gulf at a very short distance from the shores of the Peloponnese. It has an area of 23 square kilometers, much of which is covered by beautiful pine forests.

Poros essentially consists of two islands, Sfairia and Kalavria. Kalavria is the largest and oldest island, while Sferia is the smallest island of volcanic origin on which is today the city of Poros or Chora. Wandering the narrow streets of Poros you can admire the large mansions and whitewashed houses with the bougainvillea backyards which will surely take you back in time and deliver you something of the island's cultural heritage.

"Poros has something from Venice: canal, communication between houses by boat, luxury, laziness,
sensual temptation, a place for distinguished international lovers"
George Seferis